Fourteen properties of saffron for health and skin care

Saffron and the immune system

Although we often think spices have no particular benefits and are merely a means of tasting food, the fact is that spices contain a large amount of certain nutrients, such as vitamin C. Ascorbic acid, or the same vitamin C, is extremely important to human health because it stimulates the immune system to produce white blood cells, which is the forefront of the body’s defense against diseases and is also essential for the production of collagen, and collagen is also needed for cellular production in the body. Wound healing and injury, muscle growth, blood vessel repair and cell production are necessary.


Saffron Properties for the Eye

Scientists call the properties of saffron for the eye. Researchers have discovered that saffron is highly effective in improving vision. Saffron prevents the speed of progression of eye diseases such as “macular degeneration” that causes blindness.

Saffron is a substance that contains substances with strong antioxidant properties and neuroprotective properties. In fact, the health benefits of saffron are due to the carotenoid that it contains. A recent clinical study has shown that taking 20 mg of oral supplements of saffron daily for 3 months in patients who are at an early stage of age-related macular degeneration can improve their retina function. It can be expected that saffron is a natural substance that can stop vision problems or delay visual loss.

Saffron has been shown to affect genes that regulate the content of the cell membrane and thereby make the cells associated with vision more resistant and better. In general, to improve the health of the eye, each person needs to take 20 mg of the highest quality saffron daily. Consumption can be added in the form of seasonings or spices to food or tea.


Reduce blood pressure and improve heart health

It seems that improving heart health today is one of the main goals of human health, and one of the simplest ways to achieve this goal is to increase potassium intake. Potassium, as a stretch, reduces stress and pressure on the blood vessels and arteries and allows you to relieve blood pressure, tension and pressure on the cardiovascular system, which ultimately results from cases of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and stroke Prevention.

Saffron, a natural anti-depressant drug

Saffron is said to suppress mild depression and improve the mental status of those who consume saffron. Extremely active compounds in saffron have an effect on the endocrine system and can be effective in exacerbating the release of hormones that keep health and happiness healthy. The same effect works in women as a factor in increasing libido. Also, many studies have shown that saffron is a natural anti-depressant drug.

Increased bone density and prevention of osteoporosis

What do you know about saffron properties for bone? Some of the minerals and organic compounds present in saffron attract more and better nutrients, especially calcium. By increasing the amount of calcium that our body can absorb through food, there is a better chance of strengthening our bone mineral density and, therefore, preventing diseases such as osteoporosis and other diseases related to age.

Better functioning of the nervous system with saffron

Group B vitamins are usually one of the things that are neglected in human health, but they play a fundamental role in the functioning of the nerves throughout the body. The high level of vitamin B6 found in saffron filling can help improve the nervous system and prevent some of the lethal and dangerous disorders that result from poor functioning of the nervous system.

Saffron and toothache relief

In cases where you have to brush your teeth and do not relieve your pain, massage the gums and root of the tooth that is drawn with the mixture of saffron powder and honey, that is, mix some saffron with a small amount of honey and apply to the gum. And massage gently. Saffron has high nutritional power and is very effective in relieving toothache, especially in children. Of course, adults can also take this natural treatment.

Saffron and Cancer Prevention

Saffron has more than a hundred different compositions, exhibiting a lot of antioxidant properties. There are various antioxidant compounds in saffron, many of which neutralize free radicals; free radicals are side effects of cellular metabolism that can lead to a change in their healthy cells or their destruction. Saffron can enhance the overall immune system and, in more specific cases, prevent the spread of cancer in the body.

Saffron Properties to Fix Digestive Problems

One of the oldest and most well-known applications of saffron is the bloating and bloating of the heart. The anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory nature of saffron helps to relieve stomach pains and reduce inflammation, thereby improving the constipation, reducing bloating, colic and dullness and healing more serious diseases such as gastric ulcer.

Increase red blood cells

Saffron can act as an effective energy supplement and increase your metabolism by increasing your blood circulation. The presence of large quantities of iron in saffron, which means that the plant can increase the amount of red blood cells and thereby increase blood circulation and oxygenation to organelles for more healthy metabolism and prevention of anemia.


Saffron Properties for the Treatment of Abnormal Vaginal Discharges

Anti-oxidant and anti-oxidant properties of saffron help to treat lucuria (abnormal vaginal discharge).


Properties of Saffron for Skin, Skin rejuvenation

If you also prefer natural cleaners to their chemical type, mix the saffron with rose water until the color of the saffron is combined with the rose, and soak the whole face with a piece of cotton. After 15-10 minutes, wash the face with lukewarm water. It aggravates the skin and retains a young sense of skin.


Increase skin luster

In the winter, the skin sometimes becomes drowsy and dark. You can combine saffron and honey to restore the delicacy and beauty of your skin.

Brightening the skin

Pour a few strings of saffron into some milk until the color of the milk changes and the properties of the saffron are introduced into the milk. After changing the color of the milk, add some white sandal powder to it. Put this mask on your face and neck. Wait 20-15 minutes and then wash. The frequent use of this mask helps to brighten the skin.


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